Hollywood Cougar Alert: The Pack Grows Larger

Here’s a new Hollywood cougar alert: this Oscar winner’s son is now living with a sleek older actress who appeared in said winner’s watershed hit. There’s a 25 year age difference between said cougar and her protege. He’s not that much older than her kids. The Oscar winner is said to be very displeased. I say, the kid has great taste. The funny thing is, I wrote about this couple by name earlier this year, not realizing they were together. D’uh!

This couple follows in the footsteps of Demi and Ashton, of course, and several others including a well known “older” and hot female Hollywood producer and a young filmmaker from a name-family. Lorraine Bracco has been down this road, too. And, possibly, Susan Sarandon and her new business partner. This, along with husbands leaving wives for 22 year olds, seems to the current celebrity trend. Then again, Al Pacino is 37 years older than his new girlfriend, and it’s applauded. So, who knows? I also love Quincy Jones’s mathematical explanation to me recently: the 77 year old music legend advises that your age and your lover’s shouldn’t add up to more than 100. Q’s current girlfriend must be 23!..

On Yankee opening day: former Yank pitcher Jeff Nelson stopped in to the Dugout Bar, across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe, to sample new energy drinks Sin, and Serenity. The drinks, much tastier than Red Bull, are about to add a chocolate flavor to Serenity, which works as well for sleep as watching Gus van Sant‘s “Gerry.”…

PARENTS ALERT:...Tito Puente, Jr. is the entertainment on Monday night, April 26th for the annual Give Kids a Shot! benefit. This is the charity that’s raising money for awareness of the meningitis vaccine. Richard Thomas is the emcee, and honorary chairs for the night are director/actress Liv Ullmann and Ambassador John Loeb. My old friend, Gary Springer, is one of the organizers. A new award named for his late wife, Nancy, will be presented to New York Ranger legend Adam Graves. Gary and Nancy’s son, Nick, contracted meningitis at age 14. Ten years later he’s a superstar wheelchair athlete, and a hero. For more info, call 212-244-7333…

3 Responses to “Hollywood Cougar Alert: The Pack Grows Larger”

  1. 1 Mal April 15, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    I’ve enjoyed your column. But hearing you say you loathe my hometown took you down many pegs in my book. How rude.

  1. 1 Hollywood Cougars like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher | HollywoodNews.com Trackback on April 15, 2010 at 1:39 pm

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