Mel Gibson Divorce: There’s Cash for Robyn

TMZ has a strange item this morning. They say Mel Gibson has no cash for soon to be ex wife Robyn. All his money is tied up in property.

Not really, Robyn.

Someone should tell Mrs. Gibson that after 25 years and 7 kids, there is some money.

According to a federal tax filing, Mel parked over $6 mil cash in his A. P. Reilly Foundation in 2008. That donation brought the total assets of A. P. Reilly to $50 million. The filing for 2009 isn’t available yet.

The Foundation is designed to run Mel’s Holy Family church in Agoura Hills. The private church sits on a very desirable piece of land.

And guess who the unpaid Vice President is of A. P. Reilly according to tax documents going back for several years? Why, it’s Robyn Gibson.

Every year of its existence, Mel has made a substantial cash donation to A. P. Reilly, even though it can’t possibly take that much money to support a church that has only 70 members. Maybe this year, Mel can give Robyn the cash and the church can have a bake sale…

1 Response to “Mel Gibson Divorce: There’s Cash for Robyn”

  1. 1 babstimestwo April 10, 2010 at 12:27 am

    I don’t think Mel’s crackpot “church” has 70 members anymore. A few months ago he made everyone fill out an application and be screened in order to remain parishoners. Apparently some people, i.e. the truly devout Catholics that take their faith seriously, were kicked out because they dared to question Mel’s current lifestyle.

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